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Linux Letters and Numbers

Linux Letters and Numbers

A Children's Game for Linux



This is based on my daughters (formerly) favorite game, Larry's Learning Letters and Numbers. This is a Linux replacement, written from scratch, with many improvements. It was built using the GTK (Gimp ToolKit) for X. It presently works with 1.0.x and 1.1.x, but images load faster with the newer library.

I wrote it in C, and is the first real program I've written for Linux. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, however bear in mind that it is the first public release and probably isn't bug free. Use it at your own risk.

It is intended for children 2 and up, and is a fun learning game. It helps younger chilren learn their letters and numbers, while older children will improve their spelling, and vocabulary skills. It also helps them develop important keyboard and mouse skills too.

Get more pix!

I'd like to announce that Linda Hanigan went to the zoo and came back with dozens of new pictures for Linux Letters and Numbers!

Thank you Linda!

New photo packages are available from the LinuxForKids sourceforge project page.

Rated 4 penguins at LinuxBerg!!!

Download Linux Letters and Numbers:
lletters-0.1.9.tar.gz Now with support for wave sound files !

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For more information about the GTK check out:

Information about GDK_Imlib:

The original game was written for Windows, and can be found at:


  • Extensible - add new images yourself without having to make changes to the program. With support for gdk_imlib, you can now use common image formats, including common formats like gif, jpeg, xpm, png, and tiff.
  • Dynamic - each letter or number can be represented by numerous pictures, each being displayed randomly.
  • Flexible - you can even have more than one picture for a given word, by using a simple versioning scheme (ie Apple.1.xpm, Apple.2.xpm)
  • Interesting - because you can change the game, its different every time!